The Make-up Studio’s Teen Makeup Lesson

Have you been looking for a way to get your teen on the right track with her makeup? Or is she simply just starting out?? At The Make-up Studio, we offer a 90-minute lesson that is designed for the 12-16 year old needing makeup instruction for a clean, natural approach to makeup. Professional makeup artist, Julie Farley will cover everything from basic skincare, makeup product knowledge to simple makeup techniques and tips that your teen can achieve easily!




Skin CareDSC01731

Since your makeup only looks as good as your skin, it’s important to stress good skin care at an age when blemishes first start to appear. Julie will briefly discuss skin care routines with your teen and then introduce them to a moisturizer.



Many young girls don’t need a heavy foundation! Julie will either recommend a tinted moisturizer – which is very light in coverage – or a mineral foundation if your teen struggles with blemishes. With learning about foundation, comes the importance of tools! At The Make-up Studio, we love blending out our foundation with the BeautyBlender Sponge.






The next step that Julie will address with your teen is concealer. Some young girls, depending on their skin, will need a concealer to help cover acne and/or blemishes. Other teens may need an under eye concealer to counteract dark circles. This may or may not be a step that your daughter is ready to do but it always helps to have the knowledge!



Nothing brightens the face like a little bit of blush! Most young girls might be a bit nervous about applying blush but knowing what color blush works with their skin tone and how to use it is helpful for future years.




Eye ShadowDSC01850

Next up, eye shadow! A lot of young girls only want to wear eye shadow when they’re going to the movies with their friends or attending a school dance. However, there are teens who like wearing a light shimmer on their eyes for day-to-day wear. Either way, Julie shows them the basics!


Lip Gloss

Now it’s time for the finishing touch — adding some lip color! Some teens are making the jump from lip gloss to lipstick (as that is the latest trend) but a lot of girls stick with a tried-and-true lip gloss. Julie always makes sure that she finds a lip color that your teen will feel comfortable in!



If you have any questions about scheduling a Teen Makeup Lesson for your daughter, niece or granddaughter, please call (509) 455-7430!