Under Eye Brightener Tip

Brightening Your Under Eye


This simple trick to brighten and illuminate the under eye area can save you the misery from walking around all day with dark circles under your eyes! Let us introduce you to our favorite under eye brightener tip.

Step One:IMG_0012

Remember to always apply an under eye cream before using your concealer to hydrate the area, using your ring finger to stipple it in. The eye cream that we use is the Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado!


Under Eye BrightenerStep Two:

Mix a dab of the Girlactik Beauty “C-Zero” Concealer in with your regular under eye concealer and apply it to your under eye area, targeting the inside corners of your eyes. For more on under eye concealing, check out our previous blog post…


Step Three:

Finish with a very small amount of invisible setting powder to help prevent creasing! We recommend using the RMS Beauty “Un” Powder or the Youngblood Hi-Definition Hydrating Mineral Perfecting Powder with either a sponge wedge or the Cozzette Cylinder Powder Brush S150.


RMS Beauty "Un" Powderyoungblood-hi-definition-hydrating-mineral-powder-10gr




Adding the luminizer is helpful for women who have wrinkles and dryness under the eyes. This unique product can be used alone in areas that you wish to highlight or be mixed into your under eye concealer for a brightening effect!

Under Eye Concealer Application Made Easy

Under Eye Concealer Can Work Miracles


What ages you most? Surprisingly, it might not be wrinkles or gray hair, but dark circles under your eyes.

~mayo clinic staff


Julie Farley at The Make-up Studio has the solution for covering those unwanted dark circles with under eye concealer.


The secret lies in color theory and Julie always references the color wheel to make it simple. When concealing blue/purple under eye circles you’ll want to use a concealer that is a peach/salmon color which is usually opposite on the color wheel.

In three easy steps you can minimize your dark circles.

Remember, you want to see the EFFECTS of the makeup, not SEE the makeup when applied correctly!

If you would like more of these wonderful makeup tips you might consider one of The Make-up Studio’s makeup lessons.