How to hide redness on the face

Hiding Redness On The Face With Concealer



One of our most frequently asked questions we receive at The Make-up Studio is “how do I hide redness on the face?” If you have blemishes, broken capillaries or age spots that you wish to cover , The Makeup Studio staff can help!

“It’s all about color theory”– Says Julie Farley.

The first step to hide redness on the face, is start with the color wheel to determine your shade of concealer. For example with redness on your face, you want to use a yellow/green concealer. Make sure your concealer isn’t too light or dark. If you use too light of a concealer it will appear lighter on the face and will accentuate the red spots. Remember you want to see the effect of the makeup but not see the makeup.

Here is a step by step tutorial to achieve even toned skin:

Step One:

It’s a good idea to prep the skin with moisturizer, then a face primer like the Senna Silky Primer. The primer will ensure a silky smooth surface to help your foundation and concealer glide on and help fill in fine lines. (Of course, there are many other options for a face primer! To see all the ones we carry, please visit our website.)


Step Two:

Apply liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer. The Make-up Studio staff loves tinted moisturizers because the light formula will give you adequate coverage and most of them come with a sunscreen in the formula.

Step Three:

Apply concealer with a concealer brush on all redness and blemishes. Use the warmth of your finger to stipple it in. Here are a few of our favorites:

Step Four:

Apply translucent powder to set the makeup. This final step is often overlooked, but is very important. Translucent powder will help hold your foundation and concealer in place throughout the day. We’d recommend the Youngblood Hi-Definition Hydrating Mineral Perfecting Powder or the RMS Beauty “Un” Powder.


So show your face with pride and don’t hide!

Why We Love Tinted Moisturizers

Tinted Moisturizers Rock!

One of the best ways to update your makeup for spring is to incorporate a tinted moisturizer.  These sheer foundations are easy to work with and they look and feel better on the skin than a traditional liquid foundation.


Some women feel that they need to apply a heavier foundation because they have pigmentation or redness to cover and don’t know how to achieve flawless skin any other way. Then there are the women who just don’t wear any foundation, but need to and are thrilled to discover that just a little coverage is a good thing!

We feel at The Make-up Studio that your skin should look flawless with the least amount of makeup. To achieve this unmade up look, and still have great looking skin, apply a tinted moisturizer followed by a face concealer. The point is to just spot touch where you need the extra coverage with the concealer and the finished look will feel lighter and fresher! We recommend setting with a colorless powder such as the RMS Beauty “Un” Powder or the Youngblood Hi-Definition Hydrating Mineral Perfecting Powder.

There are so many tinted moisturizers available on the market but they all have a different feel, coverage and SPF factor so it can be challenging finding the right one. Remember, if possible always ask for a sample so you can try it at home to make sure you like the color and feel, as not all tinted moisturizers are created equal!

Tinted moisturizers are easy to apply with either fingers, sponge, or foundation brush.

Here are some great options that we carry at The Make-up Studio:

Stop by The Make-up Studio for your complimentary appointment to be color matched and receive your free samples. Remember, you should be your own best makeup artist and we can teach you how to accomplish that with one of the lessons we offer here at The Make-up Studio.