Our Best-Selling Product… the Senna Silky Face Primer!


If we had to peg a best-selling product at The Make-up Studio, it would have to be the Senna Silky Primer! This face primer simply flies off our shelves!!

The Product

The Senna Silky Primer is great for all skin types – oily, dry, young, mature – and works with all foundations. This silky, sheer, oil free formula makes your skin smooth like a baby’s! Liquids, creams, and even powder foundations slip on and blend easily! While antioxidants and vitamins treat your skin, this magic serum diminishes imperfections and helps fill in lines and wrinkles. The Senna Silky Primer also helps increase the staying power of your makeup which will save you many a touch-up!!

Julie Farley of The Make-up Studio says “I wouldn’t even put on foundation without having applied the Senna Silky Primer first.”


Application Tips

  • Don’t forget to really shake the tube before each use!
  • Apply a “pea size” amount to your face and neck after moisturizer and before foundation.
  • You can use your fingers to apply the face primer
  • Follow with your favorite liquid foundation or mineral powder foundation.