RMS Beauty Organic Makeup

We are very excited to introduce our customers to the newest line we are carrying – exclusive to Spokane -  RMS Beauty! Earlier this fall, we were welcomed into the RMS Beauty family and we are looking forward to including you all as well.

RMS Beauty

Behind the beauty

Rose-Marie Swift

RMS Beauty is an original, pure and organic color cosmetic line created by celebrity makeup artist, Rose-Marie Swift. She has worked with some of the world’s most famed models, actresses, photographers and magazines in the industry. Her cosmetic line’s birth stemmed from serious health issues Rose-Marie began to experience years back. Throughout her healing and in-depth research, she found that some of the toxic chemicals in her body were also found in beauty products we use daily! At the end of it all, RMS Beauty was made so that women are able to use and enjoy high-quality products without putting their health in jeopardy.

The products

“Un” Cover-up

This concealer can also be used as a light foundation and it gives your skin a more youthful, radiant appearance! Each shade is created to self-adjust to your natural skin tone.RMS Beauty "Un" Cover-up

Living LuminizerRMS Beauty Living Luminizer

The Living Luminizer is RMS Beauty’s best selling product! It’s an ultra sheer, glowing luminizer with a translucent satin-pearl finish that highlights the skin. And don’t worry – it contains no sparkle or glitter particles!!

RMS Beauty "Un" Powder“Un” Powder

A virtually invisible powder that minimizes your pores, softens the skin and absorbs oil. The RMS Beauty “Un” Powder is suitable for all skin tones and gives the ultimate finish to perfect looking skin. The only powder you’ll ever need!

Lip & Skin Balm

This balm is amazing for the lips and skin. It’s always emollient and never greasy! Thanks to food-grade, biologically active ingredients that help support natural skin functions. You can use the RMS Beauty Lip & Skin Balm to heal, protect and hydrate lips and dry skin.

Lip2CheekRMS Beauty Lip2Cheek

You can use this product as a cream blush or as a lip color! When you use the Lip2Cheek as a cheek color, these moisturizing stains provide a natural, youthful glow and avoid the dryness that powder blushes leave.

Lip ShineRMS Beauty Lip Shine

One swipe of the RMS Beauty Lip Shine and you’ll never go back! It’s nourishing, hydrating and protecting that combines nourishing oils and pure mineral pigments.

Eye Polish

These cream eye shadows are fabulous! The RMS Beauty Eye Polishes give a veil of sheer, reflective color and moist, glowing finish. You have to remember to apply minimally and work it into the skin like you would a moisturizer.RMS Beauty Eye Polish

Raw Coconut Cream

Simply put: the ultimate organic beauty product. Coconut cream can be called the best makeup remover and facial cleanser EVER! The RMS Beauty Raw Coconut Cream is like any other on the market due to the fact that it’s “centrifuge-based,” meaning the product is created without heat and makes a truly raw product with all the healing nutrients left 100% intact. Coconut oil is widely considered the healthiest oil on earth and is suitable for all skin types – event the most blemish prone skin!RMS Beauty Raw Coconut Cream

RMS Beauty OilRMS Beauty Oil

A beauty oil the way a beauty oil should be… pure, simple and organic. This lightweight yet highly concentrated multi-purpose is amazing! It contains only the finest quality exotic oils and rare adaptogenic herbal extracts for perfectly balancing the skin.




Don’t forget to give us a call if you have any questions about RMS Beauty products or schedule yourself a complimentary RMS Beauty consult with Julie Farley of The Make-up Studio.

Get this look: Bronzey Glow for Summer

Feeling a little pale? Follow this step-by-step makeup tutorial that features our lovely model, Perla and add a little “bronzey glow” to your makeup routine!



Pete Moroz Photography
Makeup by The Make-up Studio



Step One: Apply Girlactik Beauty Eye Glaze “Shine” to your lid using the Cozzette Stylist Illustrator D330 brush or your fingers.


Step Two: Apply INGLOT Eye Shadow #328 from your crease up to the brow bone.

Girlactik - EyeShadows - Skin.jpg;width=350Step Three: Apply either INGLOT Eye Shadow #357 or Girlactik Beauty Eye Shadow “Skin” which are both warm, matte colors into your crease using the Cozzette Pencil Brush D220.







Step Four: Apply The Balm Overshadow “No Money, No Honey” over the top of the eye glaze.


Step Five: Apply Girlactik Beauty Eye Glaze “Fierce” under your eye to create a smudged eyeliner look.

Step Six: Apply Stila Eye Shadow in “Wheat” under your brow.

Step Seven: Finish with Girlactik Beauty’s Precise Eyeliner Marker.


Precise Eyeliner Marker






Use Julie Hewett “Aphrodite” Bronzer as your blush and Girlactik Beauty Matte Bronzer “Cabo”.


Step One: Apply INGLOT Lipstick #110

Step Two: Apply Senna Ultra Shine Lip Lacquer “Chocolate Diamond”.





All of the products featured in this makeup tutorial can be found on our website, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call!! (509) 455-7430

How to apply bronzer

With the arrival of Spring almost around the corner, we’re simply biding our time before those perfect summer tanning months. We think the solution to our problem is to load up on bronzer… well, not exactly!  Bronzer is the most misused makeup product there is. We’ve all seen the disasters bronzers can create (see below). Sorry Catherine! But if used properly, it will create that sun-kissed look and make you look healthy!


bronzer collage 2


Bronzer is definitely not for everyone. If you are tan, there is really no need for it. If you are exceptionally fair-skinned, it always looks phony and can come off as looking dirty. Remember to purchase your bronzer carefully because more than likely you will have it for life or at least until you drop it and explodes on your bathroom floor!


The best bronzer is one that is no more than 1 – 2 shades darker than your skin tone and one that is matte.


Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Bronzer should not be applied over the entire face, especially those with oily skin. The product can oxidize over the course of the day and turn up to 2 shades darker.
  • Think of where the sun hits your face and apply to those areas, such as the forehead, top of the cheeks and jawline.
  • Bronzer is a great way to get rid of that white triangle under the chin.girlactik_bronzer_cabo


Our favorite bronzer to use is the Girlactik Beauty Matte Bronzer “Cabo”!





And we would suggest using a fan brush, like the C310 Large Soft Fan Brush or the Cozzette Contour Stylist Brush S135!

cozzette brushes 052


Beauty Pro Nights

The Make-up Studio has always been dedicated to educating our customers on how to apply makeup. However, in conversations with customers many other questions would arise regarding advice for their their skin, hair, and beauty related topics. Thus the creation of Beauty Pro Nights!




140108-The_Makeup_Studio039The event kicked off with a bang in January, which featured makeup artist and owner of The Make-up Studio, Julie Farley as the beauty pro of the night. Julie’s topic was “creating the flawless face” where she demonstrated how to do so using the least amount of makeup. The evening was filled yummy appetizers and delightful champagne – not to mention fabulous beauty tips provided by Julie.



DSC02213In February, Rhonda Mortlock – our resident Aesthetician – took the stage for Beauty Pro Nights as she exposed the biggest myths surrounding Retinol and shared with the group how to say goodbye to those wrinkles! At the end of the night, Rhonda offered personalized consultations to any woman who had questions about her skin regimen.




Terri Brazil, hairstylist and co-owner of Salon Nouveau, was our guest speaker for March and brought 17 years of experience in the hair industry with her! Her topic focused on educating women on how to communicate better with their hair stylist and how to find the perfect style.




Beauty Pro Nights are held the first Wednesday of every month from 5:30pm-7:00pm at The Make-up Studio. Join us for an evening filled with insider beauty tips on topics such as makeup, skin, hair, and fashion. This is your chance to get the scoop on upcoming trends from local industry pros and have fun doing it! All you have to do is RSVP at (509) 455-7430 (and be at least 21 years old – sorry girls)





A lineup of the upcoming beauty pro’s can always be found on our website! http://www.themakeupstudio.net/beautypronights/



How To Do Lash Enhancement

Enhancing Your Lash Line


When teaching women how to do eyeliner, the following step always seems to be their favorite! It’s a twist on eyeliner that we call the “lash enhancement”. This step, also known as “tightlining”, is a great way to create the look of fuller lashes. In applying the color to the root or base of your lashes, it gives great definition to your eyes without looking overdone and works fabulously on women of all ages.

Step One:

Apply a base shadow or primer (like the Blinc Eye Shadow Primer) to your lids first, although some may prefer to do it after the lash enhancement step.

Step Two:


Using a flat stiff brush, wet the brush with eyeliner sealer, then tap it into a matte eyeshadow to pick up  product.


eyelinersealer-02Note: You can also use water to apply but you may experience smudging throughout the day.





Apply the color by tapping into the root of your eyelashes below and above the lash line. If you make a mistake, clean it up with a pointed Q-Tip.




Here are some guidelines – according to your eye color – to follow when selecting an eye shadow to use for the lash enhancement step!

Blue eyes:lash-enhancement-shadows-collage

  • navy
  • grey
  • deep purple
  • brown
  • black

Green eyes:

  • green
  • eggplant
  • brown
  • black

Brown-eyed beauties, you have the luxury of being able to wear any color!!

The lash enhancement step takes a little practice but is definitely worth it! It pops the color of your eyes, makes lashes appear fuller, doesn’t smudge and overall looks very natural.


How To Use A Lip Stain

Applying A Lip Stain

Have you ever wished there was a way you could make your lip color last a little longer? Or searched for the answer to amping up the color of your favorite daytime lipstick that just doesn’t work for a night out? We have a recommendation just for you! It’s as simple as using a lip stain!

There are two main purposes of a lip stain. First, using a lip stain can punch up your natural lip color – which can fade as you age. Second, a stain works great under a lip gloss or lipstick to add that extra pop in color!

Lip stains are everywhere on the market and people either love them or not! Many are alcohol based and for that reason, can be extremely drying to the lips. Remember! A lip stain is just a base for your lips, therefore  requiring either a gloss or lipstick over the top.

Take a look at the following three steps to get awesome lip color!

Step One:


When applying any stain, make sure that lips are smooth, exfoliating with a lip scrub. We’d suggest using The Lip Scrub by Sara Happ!!

Step Two:


Always remember to put on a lip stain before using a gloss, lipstick or balm. If you want more intense color, you can build it by swiping a couple of times.

Note: If you are using a lip pencil, it doesn’t really matter whether you apply before or after the stain.

Step Three:

Finish with either lipstick, gloss or balm.


Here are some of our favorite stains and why we love them!

Stila’s Lip & Cheek Stains are easy to apply and they are not alcohol based. Choose the Cherry Crush if you want a hint of red, Yumberry Crush for the perfect pink lip and the Pomegranate Crush Lip & Cheek Stain for a rich plum.


the_balm_stainThe Stainiac Lip & Cheek Stain from The Balm is water-based and comes in a fabulous berry pink.

Under Eye Brightener Tip

Brightening Your Under Eye


This simple trick to brighten and illuminate the under eye area can save you the misery from walking around all day with dark circles under your eyes! Let us introduce you to our favorite under eye brightener tip.

Step One:IMG_0012

Remember to always apply an under eye cream before using your concealer to hydrate the area, using your ring finger to stipple it in. The eye cream that we use is the Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado!


Under Eye BrightenerStep Two:

Mix a dab of the Girlactik Beauty “C-Zero” Concealer in with your regular under eye concealer and apply it to your under eye area, targeting the inside corners of your eyes. For more on under eye concealing, check out our previous blog post…


Step Three:

Finish with a very small amount of invisible setting powder to help prevent creasing! We recommend using the Cozzette Infinite Pressed Powder or the Kett Sett Powder with either a sponge wedge or the Cozzette Cylinder Powder Brush S150.










Adding the luminizer is helpful for women who have wrinkles and dryness under the eyes. This unique product can be used alone in areas that you wish to highlight or be mixed into your under eye concealer for a brightening effect!

3 Easy Steps to Curling Eyelashes

Curling Your Eyelashes

Many of us curl our lashes either because we’ve simply been told to do so or it’s what we’ve always done. But why do we really? What are the benefits? Curling your eyelashes opens up the eyes and makes them appear larger! Whether your lashes are naturally straight or have flattened out over time, curling your eyelashes can really help your eyes stand out. We are bringing to you an easy step-by-step process to curling eyelashes with a few extra tips and tidbits thrown in!

Choosing an eyelash curler

Selecting a lash curler is important because it needs to fit your eye shape and lash curlers are made quite different! We recommend a curler with a rounded pad vs. a flat pad. Over time the rounded pads are more gentle on your lashes and they are less likely to split like the flat ones, which can break your lashes off – eek!

It seems like the lash curler that always gets recommended is the one made by Shu Uemura. This lash curler works great on Asian women and women with larger eyes, however it does not fit as well for Caucasian eye shapes! The Make-up Studio recommends the Japonesque Power Curl Eyelash Curler which is a more universal one. We love that it opens up wide to fit your lashes into! Spend the time and try different brands to see which one works for you.

Japonesque Power Curl Eyelash Curler

Step One:

Position lash curler so that you are close to the base of the lashes and gently squeeze. Then release, move out half way and gently squeeze again. The point is to achieve a natural curl instead of a bent lash such as the results you would get with a flat pad lash curler.

Small metal lash comb

Step Two:
Apply mascara and separate lashes using a small metal lash comb.

Blinc Heated Eyelash CurlerStep Three:
Finish with Blinc’s Heated Lash Curler to lift the outside lashes and any that stick straight down.






NOTE: The heated lash curlers are more of a finishing tool and produce the best results when used in conjunction with a traditional eyelash curler!


How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes


Applying makeup with the right tools is key in achieving flawless makeup.  If you’re going to make the investment in high-quality makeup artist brushes, it would be in your best interest to keep them in tip-top shape!  Think about it.  We wash our hair virtually every day so why would we not treat our makeup brushes with the same TLC?  Dirty makeup brushes can be a breeding ground for bacteria that can acerbate or lead to unwanted skin breakouts.  When doing makeup lessons with customers, I often see makeup brushes that are dirty and laying in the bottom of soiled makeup bags. Clean makeup brushes are a blessing to your skin.


Timeline for cleaning makeup brushes

Concealer and foundation brushes: after each use

Powder, blush and eyeshadow brushes: once a week

Here is how we clean our makeup brushes at The Make-up Studio:

da Vinci Conditioning Brush Soap

We love this brush soap not only because it gets our makeup brushes extremely clean but it conditions them as well!  Made with a 100% vegetable oil base, the da Vinci Conditioning Brush Soap keeps natural hair and synthetic fibers soft.

Directions for use


Step One: Wet your makeup brush with warm water

Step Two: Swirl the brush head in a circular motion in the tin until it gets soapy

Step Three: Massage the brush head under the water, rinsing it clean (repeat if necessary)

Step Four: Gently remove excess liquid and reshape the brush with a clean, dry towel

Step Five: While drying, store upright in your favorite mug or brush vessel.


Cozzette Aromatherapy Makeup Brush Cleaner

Our favorite liquid cleanser has inviting aroma consisting of lavender and lemongrass.  The Cozzette Aromatherapy Makeup Brush Cleaner revitalizes, hydrates and sanitizes your makeup brushes.

Directions for usebrush cleaner

Step One: To spot clean, spray a tissue or paper towel with this product

Step Two: Gently swipe the bristles of the brush along the portion of the towel dampened with the solution.

(Can also be used to deep clean your makeup brushes by submerging them in the product)


Solid Blender Cleanser by Beauty Blender

Our product of choice to clean our Beauty Blenders is the Solid Blender Cleanser.  This travel-friendly cleanser not only cleans our sponges superbly but we are able to use it on makeup brushes as well!

Directions for usebeauty-blender-solid-cleanser2

Step One: Wet your sponge with warm water

Step Two: Swirl in a circular motion in the cleanser

Step Three: Massage the sponge under the water, working up a lather targeting the areas with makeup

Step Four: Fully rinse and repeat if necessary

Step Five: Squeeze out all the remaining water using a clean, dry towel or tissue




Hopefully these tips will inspire you to clean your makeup brushes and keep them in excellent condition for many a makeup application!

How To Contour Your Cheekbones

Contouring Your Cheekbones            


The following is a quick tip on how to contour your cheekbones and sculpt your face. This trick I learned some years ago from an incredible makeup artist in the industry and it is very simple to do. If you’ve visited other makeup tutorials, they can be a bit intimidating and complicated to achieve. With this trick it can be as simple as using one product and suddenly you have cheekbones.

Step One: Applying light powder

Use a sponge wedge and apply a light matte powder to just under the cheekbones and your blush. In this photo I used The Make-up Studio Mineral Eye Shadow in “Grace”. You can also use a light face powder but it needs to have a fair amount of pigment so it will show up.

Step Two: Blend out

Brush away and blend out excess powder with a powder brush, my personal favorite being the Cozzette S125. You should not see a white streak after blending color out and if so, you have used too light of a shade. Flesh toned colors are better than white. The end result should just be that your cheekbones look more sculpted.

Step Three (optional): Bronzer

For added depth, you can apply a bronzer to just under your cheekbones. The placement of the bronzer should be  right under your blush. Our customer favorite is the Girlactik Matte Bronzer in “Cabo”. Make sure your bronzer is matte and not too dark or it will appear like something out of the eighties!

If done correctly this quick step can create the illusion of having great cheekbones! For more in-depth tips on how to apply makeup from Julie Farley, come on in to The Make-up Studio for a Signature Lesson or a Mini Express Lesson.

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